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Offering professional photo organization, 

photo creations & photo management services 

in the Southern Georgian Bay area. 


  1. Prints, slides and negatives.

  2. Digital photos from all sources.

  3. Secure and timely backup.

  4. Safe online sharing.


Do you have a chaotic mess of print photos, digital photos, slides and negatives that you have sworn will one day get tamed?

Have you consistently failed to complete this project - or any photo project (photobooks, framed prints, slideshows) - because the task is just too dauting and you don't know where to start?

If this sounds like you - then it's time to let the Photo Genie (me) finally make your photo organization dreams a reality. I know how to get you started and together we'll take your photo chaos and turn it into an organized, safely backed up, easily searchable and privately shareable ocean of clearly indexed calm.


Trust me - it can be done!


From all sources: Phones, iPads, USB sticks, External drives, DVD's, CD's... you name it.

No matter how far flung your photos, I can combine them into one neat archive with all the duplicates and duds removed. 

I can also set you up with simple but secure backup system that's easy to maintain. All your photos will be kept secure - no more worrying about where they are and what to do when you switch devices or buy a new phone. 

This process is typically requires less time than print photo organization and can even be done remotely if you feel that would be of benefit to you and your shcedule. 


"Responsible, personable, patient and professional . . ."

B. Hadden,  June 2019

Why hire me?

In return for my fees you'll be receiving the benefit of all the sotware, hardware, photo organization, scanning, indexing, backup and sharing skills required to tackle your photo collection. The final product will be a clearly organized, secure and shareable archive that you'll be able to confidently maintain yourself. 

And remember. You'll only have to do this once. Then it's off your to do list forever!

What I charge:

When it comes to photo organizing client collections, technical abilites and goals vary widely. Because of this I find clients prefer that I provide detailed individual quotes so they can clearly see all the possible costs ahead of time. No surprises and no pressure. 

I find it most effective to work in 3 hour sessions - for me that's usually morning, afternoon or evening. 3 hours is sufficient time working on my own or with the client, to make effective progress on their project without.

A 3 hour sessions is $120 (no HST). If for any reason a session runs short - the cost will be pro-rated. 

I require payment for 20% of the project cost before the first session. After that I will invoice for work completed at the end of each month. 


Miscellaneous projects/Technical problems

Some clients have smaller projects. Miscellaneous problem solving, rescuing photos on old machines or setting up a proper back system and for these my hourly rate will always be $40.

Maintenance Plans (including a FREE first session)

It is always my goal to help my clients do much of the print photo sorting and indexing in order to reduce the project cost - and also to provide hands-on coaching as far as archive backup and maintenance. However for those clients who don't have the time or are not comfortable with the technology - I do offer monthly, quarterly or annual maintenance plans where I will come and take care of everything for you. The rate for this is my usual $40 per hour and once a project is finished your very first maintenance session will be FREE. 



Free 20-minute phone call.

Your time to outline your project and learn a little more about my services and how I can help.

1. Consultation

In-person assessment of the size of your photo collection, your goals and your timeline. Approximately 1-2 hours. 

2. Discovery

I provide a detailed quote based on the in-person assessment. I'll include flexibile options. Payment plans available for longer term projects.

3. Estimate

The Photo Genie accepts cash, cheque, electronic transfer and most major credit cards. 

Payment plans available for larger projects.


If you'd like to fill out this form then I can get a better idea of your collection and arrange a call with you to discuss your project further!

What kind of photos do you need to get organized? (check all that apply)
Where are your photos currently stored? (check all that apply)



Please check the map to see if I make client visits in your area. If you are close to a border I encourage you to still get in touch as I may still be able to accommodate.

Collingwood ON


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